Berries & Pomegranats
on Salal wreath

Berries & Pomegranats<br> on Salal wreath
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Here is a great wreath for the Holidays. Remember as we have mentioned before, changing the colors or materials will allow you to make a wreath for anytime and any decor. This is a fun project, let the kids help out this one, because you will be working with less fragile materials.

Materials needed:
(1) Salal (Lemon Leaf) Wreath 18"
(1) Pomegranate-bag of Smalls 3oz
(2) Berry Spray-Red
(1) Artichoke-bag Small

Scissors, Wire Cutter, Glue Gun or Glue Skillet.

Step 1) Starting with our Salal Leaf Wreath makes this project really quick. Shake out any loose leaves and set them aside (DO NOT DISCARD THE FALLEN LEAVES, WE WILL USE THEM LATER). dried flowers wreaths home decor
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Step 2) Unfold the Berry Sprays and carefully using the wire cutters, cut sprays into smaller working pieces with one to two berry cluster on each stem. dried flowers wreaths home decor
flower wreaths

Step 3) As in previous projects, you may hot glue the individual items directly to your wreath, or you may combine the different pieces into a separate assembly, that can be added to your wreath as one unit.
Tip: Always layout your accent flowers and berries on the wreath base before gluing them in place. This way you get a feel for the spacing and amount of accents needed.. dried flowers wreaths home decor flower wreaths

Step 4) Use some of your extra Salal Leaves to blend in where needed. Now you can add a few Artichokes for contrast of color and form.
Tip: I usually work on a table that has a covering of white paper. You can get white paper from your grocery store, bakery or meat shop. The paper makes for a bright work surface and easy clean-up.

dried flowers wreaths home
flower wreaths

Congratulations! And Enjoy.