Bedbug Early Detection Monitor (6 per package) Case of 4

Bedbug Early Detection Monitor (6 per package) Case of 4
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Bedbug Early Detection Monitor (6 per package) Case of 4 pkgs

Where Do BedBugs Like To Hide?
Bed Bugs are attracted to dark and confined areas, they like to snuggle in and get good body contact. A mattress if loaded with places for them to crawl into. They get into the piping that runs all around the mattress and box spring, under mattress pads, in folds, in drawers, stored clothing and hampers. The Bedbug Early Detection System or (Bbeds) was strategically designed to simulate these conditions, naturally drawing in the bedbugs. Once there, the bedbugs will be trapped on adhesive dots. The presence of bedbugs on the BBed signals a potential infestation of bedbugs in your room. Each BBeds Early Detection System kit contains 6 monitors. Use all 6 monitors in a single room for best results.

Why do I need to use the BBeds Early Detection System?
BBeds Early Detection System is used to identify areas that are infested, or may become infested, with bedbugs so that you know where to target treatment. The BBeds system can also be used to verify a successful treatment for bedbugs. Use the BBeds system and enjoy a good night's sleep!

What if I don't catch any Bed Bugs?
If there are no bedbugs stuck to the 6 monitors in the room, there may not be any bedbugs present. If you still suspect there are bedbugs, try placing a new set of monitors in a new location.

What if I do catch Bed Bugs?
If there are bedbugs stuck to your monitors, it is time to take action. Contact a trained pest management professional to begin eliminating the infestation. If you want to try to remove the bedbugs yourself, our Bedbug Killer Spray is a highly effective spray that remains active for up to 4 weeks.

The BBeds system is intended to be part of your bedbug elimination plan The BBeds system does not contain chemicals that will kill bedbugs or prevent infestation. Remember, after treatment, it is a good idea to use the BBeds system again to make sure the problem is resolved.

When traveling, be sure to spray down your luggage with the BedBug Travel Spray before leaving to make sure you don't bring any bedbugs home with you!

Bedbugs like to live close to where they feed, and are mainly active at night, choosing to congregate in an area close to where people sleep. Most infestations start around the bed but can spread to other areas of the room or even adjoining rooms if not controlled.