Bed Bug Travel Kit - Basic

Bed Bug Travel Kit - Basic
Item# PEBBKTB001

Product Description

The Pest Depot’s “Bed Bug Travel Guide” included with each Travel kit. (The Pest Depot is our Sister Company). Take steps to prevent Bed Bugs from coming back with you on your next trip. It is much easier to prevent Bed Bugs than it is to remove them.

(1) 4 Mil ZipLock Poly Bag. Package of 12 bags -Measures 12" x 15"
- 4 Mil. Thickness is durable and long lasting.
- Protects Undergarments, Delicates, Toiletries and Shoes from insects and dust.

(1) 4 Mil Ziplock Poly Bag. Package of 6 bags -Measures 20" x 24"
- 4 Mil. Thickness is durable and long lasting.
- Protects Coats, Pants, Shirts and Blankets from insects and dust.

(1) BugZip Luggage Bag Large
Dimensions: 32" W x 25" L x 18" H
Recommended for 26" and 28" suitcases and most large duffle bags.
All BugZip® encasements are made of heavy-duty clear vinyl that resists tears and can easily hold large objects inside. The specially designed three-sided bed bug resistant zipper allows easy access to your clothes and belongings while "zipping" out bed bugs when they are on the move at night. All BugZip® Encasements come flat folded in a 10x13x1 in. retail bag which fits nicely in most suitcase pockets during travel.

(1) J T Eaton Bed Bug Luggage Spray
- 6 oz. spray bottle
- Water base 0.50% Permethrin with residual action Keeps Killing For 4 to 6 Weeks!
- Pump Spray Bottle in attention getting shelf display.
- General purpose aqueous insecticide prevents the pick-up of bedbugs and otherlisted insects such as fleas, ticks, and roaches
- Apply to luggage before leaving home to help prevent hitchhiker insects, Bedbugs, Roaches, Fleas, Ticks and insects listed on the label, from being brought home.
- Spray outside and inside of luggage before traveling.
- Not registered in AZ, CA, GA, HI, IN, KY, LA, MA, MD, NM, NV, SC, VA AND WY

- Travel size bed bug spray to be used on luggage to prevent bed bugs from traveling home on you suitcase.