Bed Bug Early Detection Monitors - 72 traps

Bed Bug Early Detection Monitors - 72 traps
Item# PEBBTCE072

Product Description

Bedbug Early Detection System or BEDS for short is an ingenious and inexpensive way for homeowners, apartment dwellers, hoteliers and property managers to monitor for bed bugs with a very unobtrusive footprint.

The product is a small profile heavy duty cardboard piece that contains dots of glue and is folded over with a gap for bed bug to slide in. The product has a very small profile and conceals any evidence of bed bugs once they crawl inside. The product has no blood meal lure, but provides a "safe" harborage site for bed bugs if they are present. The passive bed bug monitors come pre-scored to fold in half.

These small enclosed cardboard monitors can be tucked inside nightstands, underneath drawers, mounted under box springs, affixed to the back of headboards, tucked behind pictures, and inserted between a mattress and a box spring. No one need know that there are bed bugs trapped inside until the glue board detection system is cut open for inspection.