Aphids & Whitefly Trap by Spring Star

Aphids & Whitefly Trap by Spring Star
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Product Description

(4) Aphid & Whitefly Traps by Spring Star
Monitor and control small flying insects such as aphids, whitefly, thrips, fungus gnats, scale insects and other pests in gardens, homes and greenhouses. The special yellow color attracts the insects to the trap - the powerful glue kills them. Place traps early in the season in or near plants, such as Roses, to prevent damage before in occurs. The glue is vegetable-based, not petroleum based like other brands, and we use a paper backing, making the whole trap compostable when full of insects.

Aphids, thrips, spider mites, fungus gnats, scale insects, whiteflies and other small flying insects invade gardens and greenhouses throughout the season. Infestations are started by the insects that arrive early, so act before the problem can be seen.

Peel the release paper from the trap
Place trap where insect have been seen

Helpful Hints:
-Place the trap on end, on its side or hang it using a twist tie.
-Put the trap near and above fruit, vegetables or other sources of insects.
-Traps can also be stuck to wire, plastic or wooden stakes.
-Place traps early in the season to prevent infestations from establishing.
-Dispose of traps when full or after three (3) months.
-In case of contact, remove glues with vegetable oil.

Each package contains four (4) two-sided 3.75" x 6.25" traps.