3 Essentials for Killing Bed Bugs

3 Essentials for Killing Bed Bugs
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3 Essential Steps for Killing Bed Bugs

1. Make a Barrier for Your Bed
2. Sleep in Your Bed!
3. Treat Once-a-Weed for 4-6 weeks

1. Make a Barrier

Bed bugs are a crawling insect, meaning they can not jump or fly.
Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood.

With these three facts in mind, all you have to do to be successful in treating any bed bug infestation with Diatect RESULTS is:

Make a barrier of powder between the bed bugs and their food source. You must ensure that in order for them to crawl to you they must touch/crawl over the powder at some point! (Remember, they may be hiding on the mattress or bed frame itself as well as around the room).
Helpful hint: If you can fit the edge of a credit card into a crack or crevice, bed bugs can fit in too!
Maintain the Barrier! The barrier has to be constant for the entire treatment period. Even a day lapse could set you back by weeks.
Keep the powder down for 7 days at a time. At the end of the 7 day period, vacuum up the powder and reapply a new layer. If you prefer, there is a cleaner, slightly less effective approach. Vacuum up the powder 1 hour after applying. Follow the rest of the steps as usual.

2. Sleep in Your Bed!

It is very important that you continue your regular sleeping habits during the course of this treatment. The reason is when starved, bed bugs will typically do one of two things:

Leave the room where you used to sleep, looking for a blood meal. They have been known to travel up to 100 yards to other bedrooms or even adjoining apartments. (In short, you will spread the infestation).
-Or- Enter into a hibernation type state allowing them to survive for up to 7 months without a blood meal. They will wait in this state until they sense the carbon dioxide and heat released by someone returning to sleep in the room.

3. Treat Once-a-Week for 4-6 Weeks

1 lb of Diatect RESULTS will effectively treat a 1,000 square foot area. Most bedrooms are around 250 square feet so 1 bottle should be enough for about 3-4 weeks worth of treatment to a single room. Just about any effective means of bed bug eradication is going to take several weeks to fully work. Here are some bed bug facts to consider:

Bed bug eggs are virtually impervious to any know safe insecticide. They hatch every 8-10 days.
Female bed bugs lay approximately 5 eggs a day.
A newly hatched bed bug must eat at least 5 times before they can reproduce.
Bed bugs eat, on average, once every 4-5 days.

Week 1: All adults are killed - However, for up to 5 days after your initial treatment eggs were being actively laid (5 a day each) by the females that fed the night before your first treatment.

Week 2: Eggs from right before the initial treatment are hatching this week and they are hungry. Remember, they might bite you the first time, but it takes 5 feedings in order for them to start reproducing.

Week 3: The few eggs that were laid 5 days after the first treatment are now hatching. Keep up the barrier! You're almost done!
Week 4: All the eggs should have hatched by now, and no new eggs were laid that would be hatching this week. This is the mop-up week where you will be killing the few bed bugs that managed to survive until now.

Week 5: Mostly precautionary, you just went through 4 weeks of treatment, let's make sure they are gone for good!