Wreaths For Sale

Now you can get the same high quality dried flowers, in large, full size florist bunches, that professional floral designers have come to depend on. Dried flowers are considered an important accent item with interior decorators and designers, along with natural items such as twig wreaths and swags. We have a large selection of dried and preserved roses, eucalyptus, gyp, caspia, sinuata, ferns and much more. Twig wreaths decorated with dried flowers, create a warm and inviting room setting, while allowing for a wide selection of color and texture combinations.

Many professionals got their start by making dried flower items for friends and family and ended up selling their Wreaths and dried flowers at craft fairs and malls. Start by using a Twig wreath or similar type of semi complete base as your foundation and add dried flowers, pods or berries. Before you know it, you will be creating dried flower arrangements and enjoying the craft of dried flowers. It�s easy and fun and what a wonderful pastime, creating beautiful floral accents from nature�s own bounty.

In addition to flowers and wreaths, we are also the supplier of a complete line of Moth control products, including Prozap Insect Guards. Indian Meal Moths seems to love our product almost as much as we do. Indian Meal Moths are found everywhere and will go for anything with a seed. This is the same meal moth that gets into grains, cereals, birdseed and flour. Prozap is a fast, effective method of control that is also safe and odorless.

Gardening and Bird Feeding are also favorite pastimes that we all enjoy. You will find an ever growing selection of Garden tools, Soil amenities, Pest control for the Garden, Bird Feeders, Bird Feed, Hummingbird products and much more.

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